A transaction is an executed and completed test case. Each test case consists of one or more actions. More...Hide...

The runtime of a transaction includes the runtime of all actions within that particular test case, the think times, and the processing time of the test code itself. If the test path or the test case is heavily randomized, the runtime of transactions over time may vary significantly.

The Summary chart section comprises all data across transactions to allow for a quick overview on transaction problems and performance. The tabs in this chart section contain single charts that refer to one transaction.

In the following, all chart sections below visualize this information:

  • Overview: moving average and individual transactions
  • Averages: median, mean, and moving average only
  • Counts/s: number of finished transactions per second
  • Arrival Rate: mapping of the count/s number on a possible arrival rate to reflect how much load is being generated if the same load persisted
  • Concurrent Users: number of running transactions, usually the concurrent user count

Please note that the charts display compressed information which means that any kind of information has been mapped to chart pixels. Such a pixel can stand for any time period, depending on the total test duration. Therefore, the information you see is taken from several events within that time period and signifies a certain value range, defined by the minimum and the maximum value measured.

If the upper border of a chart is highlighted, the chart display has been capped.

*) numbers may be projected

Transaction NameCountErrorsEventsRuntime [ms]
Totals 36,7608.1488.829,330703,915910.25%34933,88049,4283,447461,04641,943