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Xceptance, XLT: unique character design, no standard font.

Software Technologies: Titillium (TitilliumMaps26L-250wt); can also be used for documents and text on web pages. Google Fonts offers this font for general use.



  • PANTONE 485
  • CMYK 0, 100, 100, 0
  • RAL 3020
  • HKS 14
  • RGB 230, 0, 0


  • PANTONE 425
  • CMYK 0, 0, 0, 80
  • RAL 7043
  • HKS 93
  • RGB 88, 88, 88

Copyright and Usage Policy

The Xceptance marks include, but are not limited to, the Xceptance name and logo as well as the XLT name and logo. Do not modify or alter the marks or use them in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Xceptance, or in a way that confuses Xceptance with another brand. Pictures and logos can be freely used for any kind of press or marketing material. You are free to change the size and the file format. The aspect ratio has to remain the same and you are not permitted to modify the content besides removing the transparent background. If you need any other material or you want to alter marks or pictures, feel free to ask us.

Presentations and Publications

  • Article: Performancetests von Microservices
    May 2020, iJUG-Magazin Java aktuell; René Schwietzke
  • Article: High Performance Java
    February 2020, iJUG-Magazin Java aktuell; René Schwietzke
  • Performance Success Criteria
    September 2019, DevTest Converence North, Leeds, UK; René Schwietzke
  • High Performance Java
    September 2019, JUG Saxony 2019; René Schwietzke
  • Neodymium: an Open-Source Framework for Web Testing
    February 2019, DZone; Marcel Pfotenhauer
  • Minimizing Garbage Collection Latencies on a Load Testing Software
    June 2014, Testing Experience, Issue 26, p.39; Michael Aleithe
  • Introduction to Software Quality Assurance
    Lecture, Winter Term 2013/14, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Department of Computer Science; Ronny Vogel
  • Load Testing Web Applications
    Jan 2011, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Presentation at the Department of Computer Science; René Schwietzke, Ronny Vogel
  • How Performance Affects the Conversion Rate
    Nov 2011, Conversion Rate Forum Munich; René Schwietzke
  • Load Testing Web Applications - Do It on the DOM Level!
    July 2010, Testing Experience, Issue 10, p.20; Ronny Vogel
  • Looking Back on 18 Years of Computer Science
    June 2010, Brandenburg University of Technology, Alumni Reunion; René Schwietzke
  • Protect Your Online Business with Test Automation
    May 2010, Demandware Xchange Workshop in Cambridge, USA; René Schwietzke
  • Measuring Performance with XLT for GODYO AG
    Nov 2007, Insight E-Commerce conference Jena; Roy Sarnoch
  • Founding a Company - The Story of Xceptance GmbH
    Oct 2005, University of Applied Sciences Jena, Department of Business Administration; Roy Sarnoch
  • On the Methods of Load Testing
    April 2004, Roadshow by C.U.S.S. GmbH & Co. KG Hamburg and Frankfurt; René Schwietzke, Ronny Vogel