Behind the Scenes

Founded in 2004 by four friends, Xceptance has since grown into a company with many testing addicts located in Jena and Erfurt, Germany, and Cambridge, MA, USA.

Dedicated Teams Work Hard to Serve You

Manual Testing and Test Automation

These guys are outside-the-box thinkers specialized in finding bugs and in defect management. They also automate any kind of functional test you may want to take advantage of.

Load Testing and Development

Our busy load test experts who script and run your desired load tests. At the same time, they continuously evaluate and improve our own tool XLT.

Web Security

Our security experts will try to find weaknesses in your application before the bad guys do, and make sure your product complies with essential security standards.

Client-Specific Sub-Teams

We want to communicate closely with our clients and meet all of their requirements. Specialized teams serve long-term clients, which allows us to build trust-based and productive relationships.