Data Science Day 2022

May 19, 2022

Presentation about Performance Test Data Volumes

Many visitors came to the Rosensaal at the Fürstengraben in Jena to attend the Data Science Day 2022. Six interesting presentations on data usage in physics, medicine, and computer science were given. Xceptance's Managing Director René Schwietzke inspired the audience with a presentation about data volumes in load and performance testing.

He explained how millions of user interactions are simulated by load tests, resulting in an enormous amount of data. It was also explained what data is analyzed and presented to customers without losing important details. Ideas for potential bachelor and master theses were given as well. These were discussed in one-on-one conversations after the presentation. You can find the entire presentation in the blog.

We are looking forward to the next Data Science Day. Big thanks the organizers for the invitation and the successful event!

The Data Science Day 2022 was supported by the Gerlind & Ernst Denert Foundation and the Carl-Zeiss Foundation.

More program information: Data Science Day 2022

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