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February 13, 2023

We are a jury member at the "Jugend forscht" science contest

Whether it's migrating mold, environmentally friendly sparklers or pens made from fruit and vegetables - there's a fascinating world of research topics at "Jugend forscht" and "Schüler experimentieren". At the regional competition in Neustadt, a remarkable number of 70 young researchers competed in various disciplines presenting their gripping projects and trying to secure themselves a ticket for the state competition.

Three people at the project booth Niklas and Lars

Besides biology, chemistry and physics, computer science is also represented as a sub-discipline, and in the "working world" category, the projects deal with the challenges of a changing society and digitalization. As a member of the jury, Xceptance had the challenging task to select a category winner and send them on to the next round. We spent a whole day examining the various entries and we were impressed by the professional presentation skills of only 12 year old attendants.

Three poeple at the project booth The fungus project

Finally, Niklas and Lars, two 11th graders, made the race. They’ve set up a completely self-sufficient and ecologically sustainable workplace in grandma's garden shed in order to be prepared for the challenges of homeschooling. At the same time they can take care of their mental health in a natural environment with sunshine and fresh air.

We are now keeping our fingers crossed for both of them at the state competition in Jena and we are curious to see how their journey continues. Maybe we already got to know the Thuringian winner? We will stay tuned and look forward to next year, when we are supporting this great competition again and accompany the brightest minds of the state as they enter the world of science.

The stage with singing children The children's choir of Neustadt

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