The Load Test and Test Automation Tool for Software Development

Load Testing

Performance is key for web applications, so you need a tool that realistically tests performance. You want to compare test runs, have instant, meaningful reports and access to raw data for even more analysis? That is XLT!

XLT offers flexible and realistic testing of a web application's performance under load. Several different ways of composing tests allow you to choose the best way to complete a given task. 'Record & Replay' mainly suits simple scenarios and basic URLs. But the power comes with Java as the scripting language, because it lets you write realistic, flexible, and data-independent scenarios.

You can deploy XLT to any number of machines, with any number of test scenarios, and any number of load profile setups. The rich reports with the opportunity to time-slice them and to group requests will highlight problems in an instant.

The result browser provides instant feedback on the test scenario while designing it. When load testing, the result browser will give you the information you need to diagnose a problem in detail.

Features and Functionality in a Nutshell

  • Realistic load profiles, like arrival rate and user rate. Combinable with ramp-up time and initial delays
  • Different test approaches, such as URL-based or DOM-based
  • Java as scripting language, if scripting is needed
  • Comprehensive reports out of the box. These also let you compare test runs and report trends. Configurable in content and layout
  • Realtime reporting using Graphite and Grafana
  • As many scenarios, users, and load test machines as you like
  • Support for SLA definitions
  • Test offline. Start the test and decouple the controller.
  • Open data formats for report and result data
  • Result browser shows detailed test behavior during design time and supports error diagnosis during test time
  • On-failure reporting captures all available data for a post-mortem analysis.
  • Get full reports at any time during test execution.
  • External data can be captured and added to the reports.

XLT is Open Source under Apache License. Please see the license section for more details.

Test Automation

Familiar with WebDriver and Selenium? You will be instantaneously able to write test with XLT.

Code all your tests in Java using the familiar WebDriver syntax. Of course, XLT also works perfectly with all WebDrivers, with BrowserStack, and Sauce Labs.

XLT enables you to automate performance measurement of the client because it includes Chrome and Firefox plugins that collect client performance data right in the browser. You can also run performance tests with real browsers easily.