XLT Download

Download the complete XLT software package free of charge. It supports MS Windows, OSX, Linux, and FreeBSD. If it runs Java, it runs XLT.

Download XLT 4.9.4


Free Basic License Included

Your download automatically includes a Basic License. With this license type, you can run tests with up to five virtual users. There is no time limit, nor are there any other usage restrictions. You can test the entire range of functionality while being free to use XLT within your company or consulting projects.

In case you only do test automation and functional regression testing, XLT is free forever.

Amazon Machine Images

Powered by AWS Cloud ComputingUsing these images, you can start your own XLT client machines on Amazon EC2. Amazon will charge you for the infrastructure usage. In the case of XLT updates, these images will not be updated, new images will be provided instead. Make sure that your security group permits communication on port 8500. This is the XLT agent port on these machines.

  • ap-northeast-1: ami-d803d0be
  • ap-northeast-2: ami-495e8427
  • ap-south-1: ami-556b2b3a
  • ap-southeast-1: ami-50077933
  • ap-southeast-2: ami-3e06e55c
  • ca-central-1: ami-5818a13c
  • eu-central-1: ami-944cf1fb
  • eu-west-1: ami-db37e1a2
  • eu-west-2: ami-e6dfcd82
  • sa-east-1: ami-cc8af5a0
  • us-east-1: ami-c3ae6fb9
  • us-east-2: ami-fbd4f99e
  • us-west-1: ami-882417e8
  • us-west-2: ami-ba3cf9c2

XLT Script Developer Included

The Script Developer is your IDE for composing functional tests. It‘s your place to record, edit, and replay tests with Firefox.

Script Developer UI

Only looking for the XLT Script Developer?

You can download the XLT Script Developer independently of the full Xceptance LoadTest package. It‘s free and updates come automatically.

Download XLT Script Developer