The XLT license model is extremely simple. It is free of charge for nearly everything you want to do. Period. Paid support and trainings are available when needed.

Perfect for evaluation and test automation.
  • For Evaluation and Test Automation
  • Free Updates
  • No Seat Limits
  • Support Available

5 Virtual Users
Unlimited Validity
Automatically included with Download
For your everyday workload.
  • Almost Ńo Usage Restrictions (see below)
  • Free Updates
  • No Seat Limits
  • Support Available

Unlimited Validity
Request Online
Contact Us to Request Your Free License

License Terms

XLT is available free of charge but you still need a license file. Request this license from Xceptance via email or use our license portal, and we will issue you one without any user or time limits.

You can use XLT for commercial purposes as long as you do not sell XLT itself or create the impression that XLT is your own software. You can sell software components built on top of XLT.

You must not modify XLT in any way. But you can customize test suites, demos, templates, or other customizable components such as CSS or XSL as long as you distribute these components separately.

You cannot offer XLT for download, excluding your local Maven/Nexus repositories and company internal redistribution, of course.

You cannot integrate XLT into public SaaS or other commercial or noncommercial hosting offers without explicit permission from us. If you built your own company-internal cloud for load testing for instance, that is of course permitted.

You cannot share your license outside of your organization. If you are a consulting company or freelancer, we encourage your clients to request their own licenses, but we do not require it. All licenses are personalized with email and company name.

Support & Training

Qualified support is available at any time. Also, support is not required to receive any updates. Trainings will be tailored to your needs.


  • Email support comes standard
  • Response time within 24h for all support requests that are received during business hours
  • 24/7 support is available on request
  • 2h support time per week
Basic Annual
$ 840 756 $ 10,920 9,828
This support package is perfect for test automation and initial coding for load testing. Our most popular support package.
Four Weeks / 28 Days One Year / 52 Weeks
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To introduce you to XLT and have you quickly become productive with it, we offer individual trainings. The standard XLT training takes four hours and is limited to 10 participants.

Contact us for further options and details. Send us your requirements and we will find a fitting setup.