About Us

We are dedicated experts for software testing: together we comprise more than 200 years of software testing experience and we absolutely love what we do.

We Know Testing

Every one of us has profound and hands-on experience in the domain of software quality assurance. We don’t like showing off and nobody’s perfect: to always be able to meet both our own standards and our clients’ needs, we constantly evaluate our own approach to software QA and strive for continuous improvement of our daily work.

We Are Flexible and Efficient

It doesn't matter what you want us to do for you: we are always ready to help and strive to fulfill your individual needs. We participate in agile development projects as well as in enterprise test projects. We are also flexible enough to serve you for just a couple of days or to engage in long-term projects. It's totally up to you!

We Are Trusted by Many

We serve international companies from various business sectors, such as e-commerce, telecommunications, optical industries, and finance. Currently, our clients are located in the USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, and Switzerland.

We Collaborate

We are not a testing squad made up of pedantic nit-pickers who are out to denigrate others’ work. Rather, our goal is to be a reliable, trusted partner. To that end, we foster a relationship with our clients that is based on respectful communication and constructive cooperation, and we always keep their needs front and center. We feel comfortable behind the scenes and are satisfied when we can accompany our clients on their road to success.

We Share and Contribute to the Testing Community

It is very important to us to share our knowledge and skills, which is why we work hard on developing software testing tools. Xceptance LoadTest (XLT) was created to not only enhance our own testing experience but also to serve others of our profession. Open source projects help us greatly in our efforts and we try to give something in return, such as a community license or our open source email service XCMailr for testing.

We Are a Team

At Xceptance, we believe that a positive and supportive atmosphere is key to being good at what we do. A flat hierarchy, fun at work, and spending time together outside the office make for an environment in which we feel our best, are at our most creative, and are engaged and committed to our work.